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Is sweating through clothes a problem for you?

Sweating through clothes…If you have hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating), it’s probably one of your biggest problems.

Millions of people have sweating problem in varying degree with some on the mild end of the scale not even aware of their ailment.  On the other hand, for those who are affected severely, it is not “just sweating”. It is the pain of being different, of not being in control. The worst part about having hyperhidrosis is that when you sweat through your clothes, other people notice too! It is so embarrassing.

Sweat Solution

The easiest, quickest, most economical way to prevent the sweating through clothes problem is to have a sweat proof undershirt and underwear underneath!

Sweating through your chest, back and underarms:

For some people, their main problem is body sweating. They sweat alot from chest, back. And armpits tend to be a huge problem area for people with hyperhidrosis. If this is the problem, then having the sweat proof undershirt can solve your problem.  FeelU sweat proof undershirts can cover the part of your body that mostly suffered from sweating problems. It has double layer underarm to act extra absorption of sweat. It covers most part of your underarm. So no more underarm sweat stain with this undershirt. The undershirt back neck is also designed to have 2 layers for max sweat absorption.

Sweating from groin and scrotum:

Some people sweat alot at groin area and even scrotum, it is very embarrassing. FeelU sweat proof underwear made in LENZING modal. They can absorb 50% more sweat than cotton fabric to make you look dry all the day. The modal fabric ’s quality of good air permit can make it dry faster, and you will feel dry even when wearing during hot weather.


Suggestions for those with extreme serious hyperhidrosis:

Wearing 2 pieces undershirts or underwear can help a lot to completely solve your problem.


The Key points that to be considered when you choose sweat solution undershirts and underwear:

1.   It should have higher absorption rate so that it can absorb max sweat.

 2.   The fabric needs to be thin so it won’t make you look bulk when you wear them.

3.   It should be soft as you need to wear it every day and you must feel comfortable in it.

4.   The fabric should stick to your skin so that it can achieve the most function of absorbing sweating from your body.

5.   The fabric should have comfortable elastic snug fitting so that you won’t feel too tight or too loose in it.

6.   The fabric should dry off quickly so you won’t feel like you are soaking in sweat all the day.

7.   The fabric should be hard for odor-forming bacteria to build up on  your body so you’ll keep healthy.

The FeelU modal sweat proof undershirt and FeelU underwear are designed to meet all the above requirements and are your ultimate choices to avoid sweat-through clothes!